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The Resurrection of Jesus: The Gift That Never Loses Its Power

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Jesus lives!

Worthy is the Lamb (Jesus) who was slain for us!  During the days after Jesus’ death on the cross, He was not simply laying in a dark, damp grave.  Jesus was alive in the Spirit, going to spiritual places where his human body was unable to go.  Jesus submitted his body to the grave in order to release His spirit to effectively descend to the lower regions of the earth and take back everything the enemy had taken from God’s people through the fall of Adam and Eve.

For many generations, God continued to protect humankind from harm by instituting the recurring practice of animal sacrifices to deal with the deadly consequences of sin that had long continued to separate God from His creation.  Then, God provided for our security through Jesus’ death and resurrection, ensuring our future and a life more abundant than any of our predecessors.

When Jesus’ body was laid to rest in the tomb, He had spiritual work to do on behalf of  humankind that would secure the wellbeing of our souls and allow us to live an empowered life in the here and now.  So, while Jesus may have been silent atop the ground, He was very active in the lower regions of the earth taking back the keys of death and hell from the enemy of our souls. And when He had accomplished this work, He rose from the dead with all power in His hands, having broken the curse and bondage of sin that had fallen upon all humankind as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve.

Therefore, once and for all, God provided a permanent sin solution and a way to ensure that we always had access to Him.  God gave us the ultimate gift and sacrifice of Jesus, his beloved Son.  Jesus was divine, and only a divine sacrifice would be able to provide a permanent solution to the spiritual problem of sin.  So the sacrificial gift of Jesus as a means to secure our future and access to life more abundantly in relationship with God, makes us some of the most blessed creatures on the planet!  We only need accept God’s precious gift with the love and thoughtfulness in which it was given.

God’s plan for Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection was an act of sheer love and genius. The Bible is filled with passages that express the depth of God’s love for us, one of which is John 3:16.  God’s love for us was, and remains, so strong that He gave his only Son so that anyone who believes in Him can have access to eternal life with Him in the afterlife, and live in communion with Him daily through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  This promise is applicable to us right here, right now, so that we are complete in Him and never alone, even if we emotionally feel like it at times.

Freedom from the bondage of sin, death and separation from God is available to everyone – no matter our ability or disability, whether deaf or hearing, speechless or speaking, rich or poor.  God is accessible to us directly as result of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.  Thank God for Jesus!

Happy Resurrection Day!



Happy Easter: He Is Risen!

Jesus lives!

Jesus lives!

Jesus’s death on the cross was the most significant death the world has ever known, and will ever know. It was significant for several reasons, including the fact that Jesus was the Son of God; He died quietly and humbly while enduring excruciating pain nailed to the cross; death didn’t have the power to take His life but He released Himself to die; the power and life of God in Him was so strong that death couldn’t keep all that He was in the ground.

He was, and is, our salvation … the Savior or the world … King of kings and Lord of lords!

When Jesus died on the Cross, the Bible says the veil of the temple was split from top to bottom, as Jesus had prophesied it would be. This signified the breaking down of those things that prevented direct access to God, meaning that all sinners can now go directly to God in prayer and thanksgiving. This is the gift of the gospel of Christ that allows sinners to connect to God through pardon and forgiveness of sins.

The Holy Spirit calls us to draw near to God, our spiritual Father, by accepting salvation through Christ and forgiveness of sins and allowing us to talk with God and He with us, enabling us to know Him in a more intimate way and to lead us into a more fruitful and abundant life here and now.

Through Jesus, our everlasting mediator of a new and better covenant, all things are possible to us, and we are free from the bondage of sin and death … depression and oppression … rejection and low self-esteem … abuse and misuse … and all forms of “dis  ease” and disease. All of this, and more, are a part of our spiritual inheritance in Christ and are made possible through Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.

Now, we can boldly enter into the presence of God, leaving our burdens, sins, worries and cares, and find healing for our souls, peace that passes understanding, acceptance because of who we are, and Whose we are.

When we accept Christ, we become believers who are more than conquerors through Christ – who loved us so much, and the same power of God that was in Christ that could not be held down by grave clothes and a tomb, is the same resurrection Spirit of God that is within us all.

We have the same power of God resident in us to do great things – here and now – in our lives and the world!  Thank God. And Happy Resurrection Day!