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Welcome to the Worthy of Admiration blog. I’m Miranda, the passionate founder and blogger for Worthy of Admiration. I’m the author of “Mama Said: Transforming God-Inspired Wisdom into Practical Application” and a variety of articles on Christian living, self help and personal growth. Along my life’s journey I have reared two children to adulthood, earned an undergraduate degree in religion and philosophy and a graduate degree in public administration, and now I’m a blogger.

Worthy of Admiration arose out of my own quest for wholeness, a desire to heal the broken areas of my life. I realized that most of what I was experiencing was a result of my own thought process and choices. Following my head and overriding my heart caused me a great deal of pain and suffering.

Quite often, I did not feel worthy. Therefore, I didn’t think worthy thoughts or make worthy decisions and choices. I always seemed to be one french fry short of a happy meal in areas of my life where unworthy thought patterns were prevalent.

I had to grow beyond fear and self doubt, and believe that I was worthy of happiness, worthy of more than enough – simply worthy. Worthy not because of who I am alone but who I am in partnership with the Christ residing in my heart. It is Christ who makes us  worthy.

And, I am here with the Worthy of Admiration blog to encourage, inspire, empower and provide insight that I hope will help you to view yourself as worth of admiration as well, and encourage you to join me on the path to wholeness.


Worthy of Admiration Blog

The purpose of the Worthy of Admiration blog is to inspire and empower all open hearts to a higher level of consciousness and admiration for God, self all of God’s creations. Worthy of Admiration is a catalyst for the positive change needed to help mend the broken areas of our lives and ineffective ways of thinking and being. This blog exists to share God’s love, knowledge, spiritual truth and practical information that will enlighten, inspire and transform our lives and impact our world for good. Here, all open hearts are free to learn, grow, heal, share and experience wholeness.

With the knowledge that inside each of us abides the presence of God, we are worthy of admiration and a healthy self-image because God makes it possible. Think it.  Believe it.  Embrace it.  Act on it.

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