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Father’s Day: The Beauty, Strength and Power of A Father

Genesis Chapter 2 recounts the power and influence of a father as we see how a single rib from Adam, the first earthly father, significantly impacted Adam and Eve’s lives as well as the lives of men and woman for generations to come.

The movement of a single rib from Adam to Eve had such a strong and magnetic impact that it fused their souls together like a super-glue bond, creating a bond more powerful than their combined differences.

The transfer of Adam’s rib and DNA to Eve’s body is in large part what causes a man to leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife (Gen. 2:24). However, I also believe this same cleaving process occurs between a father and his children and family.


Son-in-law and eldest grandson

Hence, the spiritual and natural bond that’s created by a good father, similar to our spiritual connection to our Heavenly Father, will never lose its power to influence, correct and make whole. One word from a father, and a child will stand straight and walk right – not only in his father’s presence but also the mention of the father’s name can influence a child to course-correct quick, fast and in a hurry.

A father can have a strong influence on the course of his children and family, and leave an indelible imprint upon their souls.

Fatherhood is a big and rewarding responsibility entrusted to a man by God. And it’s a beautiful thing to see a father in action, following God’s lead and doing what he does for God, himself and his family.  Fatherhood is a divine and holy calling.

Daddy in Military Dress IMG_0698

My father in his 30s

I have been so blessed to have several good fathers and father figures in my family, and many other fathers whom I know, and many more whom I’ve never met who are filling big shoes in their role as fathers/father figures. And I’m thankful for my own father, who has been deceased for many years now, but who’s memory remains just as alive today as it ever did.

I encourage all fathers and father figures to stay the course, stick with God, follow his lead and keep doing what you’re doing to fulfill this most holy calling of fatherhood. God bless you all, and thank you for answering God’s call to fatherhood. Your leadership and example truly make a difference in the lives of your children and family, and our world.

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day Balloons IMG_0063