Mother’s Day: Fully Embracing The Gift of Motherhood


Mom in her late 40s. She’s now 89.

On Mother’s Day and everyday, enjoy and honor who you are, and where you are as a mom.  No need to mimic Mother Jones, Martha Stuart or any of the array of other talented and resourceful mom’s in the world.  Just be true to who you are and where you are in your life.

If at any point as a mom we feel we need to step up, we need only begin by making a quality decision to make a change, and still no need to be down on ourselves.  The change we desire may be as simple as a decision to simplify our life so we can think more clearly, or reduce the drama and stress that so easily drains our finances, time and energy and pull us away from our children, time with God and what’s really important.  So, whether there’s something we’d like to change or step up in as a mom, we can feel good about doing it because we see the need and not because we’re comparing ourselves to other mom’s.

At the end of the day, our relationship with God, our children, family and loved ones are the most important things in life.

Mom and Jeffrey PA IMG_0681

Mom (on left) in her early 60s with a cousin-friend.

As mom’s we have sufficient challenges without creating unnecessary internal conflict and problems for ourselves through comparisons and other self-defeating negative behaviors.  Whatever we want in life is as close as our next decision to change, seek help or to love ourselves unconditionally as God does.  No sickness or mistake – great or small, can separate us from the love of God, so there’s no need to sweat problems that we can do something about – with God’s help.

So, this Mother’s Day, give yourself the gift of self-love and total self-acceptance, as one made in the image of God, and to whom God has endowed with the gift of motherhood in whatever form it’s given. There are no perfect mothers because moms are a part of the fallible human race.  So, there may be mothers who seem perfect because we only know a part of their story. We’re all out here together working to be the best mom’s we can with the help of God.  So we need not accept self-defeating behavior from ourselves or others.

Embrace the gift of motherhood along with God’s grace and mercy to empower us to bring up and inspire God-fearing, loving and kind children who can make this world a better place just who they are and what they bring to it.

Motherhood is a gift and an honorable journey to be a part of.  And, no greater gift can a mom give than to give herself, her child/children and family than love, faith and knowledge of God.  From my perspective, that’s about as perfect as it gets. And, the same God who met my mom where she was years ago on a dirt road in her time of need, as a mother of seven children is the same God who will meet us where we are and love us unconditionally today as mothers!


Happy Mothers’ Day!


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