Ready, Set, Go!: Writing and Working the Vision for 2018

As we begin a new year, I believe it’s important to write down the goals that are most important to us; share them aloud with someone we trust to affirm our commitment to them; and more importantly, develop a plan of action in which each action taken brings us closer to the finish line of goal attainment.

Relay Race

Ready, set, go! Run the race to goal attainment in 2018. Photo courtesy of

Earlier, I shared several of my most pressing goals and topics of interest with a friend, and thought I’d share them here as well to help set the course for the year. For 2018, I’ve identified some problematic areas of interest that could use a mindset/perception shift and about which I’d like to discuss over the course of the year to bring awareness and to help cultivate a positive mindset shift for the good of us as individuals and as a society.  The areas I’ve identified include:

  1. the “mad-black-woman” stereotype (and potentially the angry, violent-black man stereotype) to include my theory on the history behind the stereotype(s) and its impact over the years.
  2. the “healthcare crisis” and our commitment to self-care.
  3. a “proactive” rather than a “reactive” response to our individual and societal challenges, from protecting what’s important to us to voter turnout, to engaging our nation’s political and legal systems to oppose injustice and other societal challenges.
  4. a look into the issues of prejudice and abuse, from racial to gender discrimination.
  5. the need for women’s empowerment and self-care among the nurturers in our world who give so much of themselves to care for others.

Although these areas may veer somewhat from the norm of this blog, they remain relevant to how well we love, honor and value ourselves so that the love and goodness within us flows outward from us to others and into the areas mentioned above and other areas of life and society not mentioned here.

Ultimately, when our individual lives touch and positively impact our relationships and interactions at home or work, in the community or nation or wherever our lives take us, we can know most assuredly that we have given a wonderful gift to humanity and further affirmed that we were worthy of admiration all along!


2 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go!: Writing and Working the Vision for 2018

  1. A positive mindset shift…yes! That’s it! Many of us would live a much happier and healthy life if we could shift our mindset into positive mode more often.


    • Thank you “Bontee” and how true. Once we have a positive mindset shift, it will impact every area of our lives for the better. We will be empowered to treat ourselves and others with more kindness. Our outlook becomes more hopefully because we recognize that we have the power to change ourselves, fulfill our purpose and turnaround some things in our lives and world. We are able to see that we have more control over our health and wellbeing and our path in life through the choices we make everyday. Today’s choices set the stage for what will a part of our day tomorrow and beyond. As I once heard a ministry say, “if we don’t have something, it’s because we haven’t created it yet.” And that’s the power of a positive mindset shift! The power of “better,” a better life and a better world starts with each of us, one person, one mindset shift at at time!


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