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Moving Forward Under the Shadow of the Almighty in 2018 and Beyond

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The shadow reflecting the presence of God with us wherever we are.  Photo courtesy of

The person who maintains a mindset of prayer and/or a heart open to the voice of God will remain under God’s watchful eye/covering (Psalm 91:1, my paraphrase).

As I read and reread Psalm 91, I realized just how much substance each verse contained and how the verses spoke volumes to my state of being and moving forward in 2018, so I thought I’d share Verse 1.  Since I love the poetic wording of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, I’ll restate the paraphrased verse above as it appears in the KJV.


He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1, KJV).

Maintaining ourselves in the presence and companionship of God offers the benefit of ensuring that we are under God’s continual oversight, His watchful eye.  And as we go about our lives in 2018 with this awareness of God’s presence within us and with us, it will help us to, first, acknowledge and clear our own internal baggage and clutter, as well as release and find a place of peace and healing for any brokenness and pain from the previous year(s).

Second, mindfulness of God’s presence will help us to sync our hearts and minds with the will and purposes of God for our lives so we can know with some level of assurance what we need to do – and don’t need to – moving forward.

Third, maintaining God in our awareness draws us nearer to Him, shows we honor and worship God in our hearts and have made Him an integral part of our lives and who we are – not simply a worship routine that we do only in a corporate worship service at church.  This is key because our lives are very personal, and when we need help and direction, we need it to be God-inspired for us, personally.

So, let’s make 2018 a year of abiding in the presence of God and allowing Him to communicate and confirm His vision and plan for our lives so we can set our aim at the right targets and score.  Our lives matter to God so let’s make our lives and what we do count for our good and the good of humanity.

God is with you and you are not alone as you move forward in 2018 and beyond. Create good and make your dreams a reality.  Abide in God’s presence and remain under the shadow of the Almighty God.  Selah!


Ready, Set, Go!: Writing and Working the Vision for 2018

As we begin a new year, I believe it’s important to write down the goals that are most important to us; share them aloud with someone we trust to affirm our commitment to them; and more importantly, develop a plan of action in which each action taken brings us closer to the finish line of goal attainment.

Relay Race

Ready, set, go! Run the race to goal attainment in 2018. Photo courtesy of

Earlier, I shared several of my most pressing goals and topics of interest with a friend, and thought I’d share them here as well to help set the course for the year. For 2018, I’ve identified some problematic areas of interest that could use a mindset/perception shift and about which I’d like to discuss over the course of the year to bring awareness and to help cultivate a positive mindset shift for the good of us as individuals and as a society.  The areas I’ve identified include:

  1. the “mad-black-woman” stereotype (and potentially the angry, violent-black man stereotype) to include my theory on the history behind the stereotype(s) and its impact over the years.
  2. the “healthcare crisis” and our commitment to self-care.
  3. a “proactive” rather than a “reactive” response to our individual and societal challenges, from protecting what’s important to us to voter turnout, to engaging our nation’s political and legal systems to oppose injustice and other societal challenges.
  4. a look into the issues of prejudice and abuse, from racial to gender discrimination.
  5. the need for women’s empowerment and self-care among the nurturers in our world who give so much of themselves to care for others.

Although these areas may veer somewhat from the norm of this blog, they remain relevant to how well we love, honor and value ourselves so that the love and goodness within us flows outward from us to others and into the areas mentioned above and other areas of life and society not mentioned here.

Ultimately, when our individual lives touch and positively impact our relationships and interactions at home or work, in the community or nation or wherever our lives take us, we can know most assuredly that we have given a wonderful gift to humanity and further affirmed that we were worthy of admiration all along!