The Evolution of Mom: Lessons for Life Learned as a Caregiver, Part IV

My mom often makes several attempts to get herself from a seated position to standing. And on most occasions, she has the most difficulty when attempting to rise to standing while holding something in one of her hands, whether a napkin, a lap tray or other trash debris.

Each time I’ve observed  her doing this, I’ll remind her that it will be harder for her to go from seated to standing without full use of both hands to assist and support her.  The last time she attempted this hand-half-full standing maneuver, I reminded her that she could more easily, safely and effectively rise to stand if she’d let go of what’s in her hands.

And suddenly, I had an ah-ha moment, realizing that before I can begin a new thing, go to the next level in my life, and experience the kind of results that I want and need, I must be willing to let go of what’s already in my hands (the old) so I can embrace something different.

Principle 4:  Letting go of what’s in your hands

The things in our hands that we hold on to usually can be easily recognizable since they represent things that have long since passed their usefulness in our lives.  Instead of helping us, these are things that now enable us, cause confusion and/or add another level of stress and anxiety to our lives and the situation.  They usually have no significant connection or impact on where we’re going but are more focused on where we’ve been.  These also are things that we do and/or hold on to that hinder us from doing, and doing well, the next thing in our lives.

If we hold on too tight to people/things and ways of being that no longer add value to our lives, these people/things begin to elicit unnecessary pressure and hardship, and become a hindrance and a stumbling-block not only to one’s self but to others as well.

Marriages have ended, and families and friends separated over the inability to let go of grudges, jealously, unforgiveness, disrespect, resentment, preconceived notions (and even problematic people) that we entertain for years without change.  And over time, these long-held negative emotions and behaviors begin to hurt and divide us from our dreams and those around us.

As adults with influence, responsibilities, goals and purpose, we will fall short in these areas if we attempt them with our hands full, potentially impeding our forward progression, limiting our options, jeopardizing our relationships and career, and keeping us stuck in a rut.

And you’ll find that when we release the negative clutter that we’ve been holding on to, it helps to open our hearts, minds and lives to life’s possibilities and options.


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