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A Poem for Mother’s Day: I-AM WoMan

This poem is dedicated to all the mothers on this Mother’s Day. I hope it inspires you and helps you to appreciate yourself, even if no one else pats you on the back or appreciates all that you do.  You are important!

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I-AM WoMan

by Miranda Drake

I am the apple of my Father’s eye.   I-AM WoMan!

My rib may have come from the first man, but the rest of me came out of the mind of God!

When you look at me, you see the greatest side of God’s creative genius. So, don’t ever compare me to anything or anyone on two legs –  or one!

Woman proceeded from Eve, the Mother of Humanity, and when God created the first mother, He made her whole and complete.  Just like me.  A house fully-furnished with the seedlings of everything she’d ever need to be, and become, to fulfill her purpose.

And, I’ve got the same glory-hallelujah inside me too!  I am a mother, whether a mother of many, one or none.  For mothering is a work of the heart and state of mind that cares about the little ones of mankind.

I’m a wife whether I’ve said “I do” to God or another Christian brother.  I’m a conqueror even amid my failings.  I’m a daughter of the King whether I’m always conscious of my royal lineage or not.

Like my Father, I am that I am.  I-AM WoMan.  I am all-inclusive, with everything I need downloaded into my being.

While I know how to change dirty diapers, I am not to be discarded like one.

I-AM WoMan.

Although I may cook, clean, and work in and outside the home, there’s more to me than human eyes could possibly see.

Even my name, “I-AM WoMan” is both a statement and declaration of who, and whose, I am.

“I AM, my creator who lives within, created me WoMan – man with a womb!  When I say my true name, the mere words shake things up in the atmosphere.

“I-AM WoMan.”  Not just a nice catch-phrase; it’s who I am.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that’s what The Word says about me, you see.

I am uniquely me – mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend, lover of God – and so much more to adore.

I-AM WoMan.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Copyright 2017 Miranda Drake and Worthy of Admiration. All rights reserved.