Developing a Strategic Plan for Health and Wellbeing

Roadmap for determining your strategy for goal accomplishiment.

Roadmap for determining your strategy for goal accomplishiment.

I saw a succulent bacon-wrapped pizza commercial the other day that made me want to reach out and grab it! Loads of crisp, browned bacon enclosing the sides of the pizza drew me in. Then, I had a thought. (How many of you know that one thought can change everything?) Well, it did for me. That one little thought halted my moment of total pizza desire.

Initially, when I saw that pizza bacon delight, I was all in. But, when I thought about how much saturated fat was in a slice (and most of us don’t eat a single slice) and how saturated fat was designed to afflict our bodies with high cholesterol and clogged arteries that can take us to an early grave, I realized that eating it, no matter how much I loved bacon … no matter how good it looked, was not good for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling anyone not to eat pizza or bacon-wrapped pizza, if that’s what you choose to do sometimes. I’m just saying do all things in balance, in the right proportion and at the right time, keeping in mind what you are trying to accomplish with your health and wellness.

Paraphrasing, the Bible tells us that although we can eat or otherwise have just about anything that we want, everything that we might want may not be good or best for us (I Cor. 10:23). So, we decide which direction we want to take our lives and health by the daily choices and decisions we make. In this instance, I decided that ordering the “pizza bacon delight” was not worth moving farther away from where I wanted to be in my health and wellness and from accomplishing my goal of reducing body fat, cholesterol and that cellulite pucker underneath the skin. OMG!

Herein lies the problem with many of us who are struggling with health and wellness or other recurrent issues in various areas of our lives: we don’t align our choices with our goal so that each choice/decision is one that’s taking us closer to accomplishing our goal. In business, this is called strategic planning.

For example, if the goal is losing weight, why are we choosing to eat a whole pizza and/or eating it late at night just before bed to let the calories sleep with us? Those choices do not align with the goal of weight loss or good health. Better choices might be saving pizza for special occasions or eating only 1-2 slices and eating the pizza earlier in the day so we work off some of the calories over the course of the day. This same principle is true for whatever we are trying to accomplish in our lives.

Our choices and decisions must align with the goal(s) we are trying to accomplish. Otherwise, we are wasting our time, going around in circles and pressing the repeat button on the same old mistakes that keep us in life’s wilderness as the Children of Israel where in the Bible. The Children of Israel wandered aimlessly in the wilderness for 40 years when their trip could have been accomplished in a week. It was simply because they failed to align their choices to meet God’s objective for them. Let’s not sabotage ourselves like that.

This is a place of empowerment so if you need help, reach out and I will freely share what has worked for me and others can do the same to ensure we get to where we need to be. It’s time for a change. Mine is in progress. What about yours?


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