Embracing Change

TulipsI’ve been away from this blog far too long on a sabbatical of sorts, and lately it’s beckoning me to get back to it. So, here I am.

Over the past weeks and months I’ve undergone, and have been thinking about, change – its importance in our lives. Change is vital for our success in so many areas. Simply breathing requires our body to change or shift as air moves in and out of the lungs. Change occurs as our heart is constantly beating and our blood is continuously circulating.

What’s more, our relationships can fail or succeed based on the extent of our willingness to change. And, our ability to forgive, to renew or change our minds, and to repent of our sins is all based upon our capacity to embrace change.

Embracing change is one thing that has the power to change everything else in our lives. Change will happen with or without our consent. However, embracing change allows it to impact us for good and not evil. And, only we can decide which it will be.

I pray you will join me in embracing change and subsequently choosing to thrive and keep on the path to a more productive and abundant life.

Until next time, know that you are worthy of admiration, simply because you are one of God’s wonderful creations!


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