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You Are Worthy of Admiration

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Miranda Drake, Worthy of Admiration blogger and author of Mama Said: Transforming God-Inspired Wisdom into Practical Application.

Welcome to the Worthy of Admiration blog, and I’m Miranda.

Worthy of Admiration is a place where people from all walks of life come face-to-face with who they are as uniquely created beings made in the image of God, and catch the vision of what that means for our lives. It’s a place where we begin to behold ourselves as we really are — those who are worthy of admiration, admiration most importantly from God and from ourselves. We are beloved children made in the image of God, who is worthy of praise, honor and adoration. How much more are we worthy of the same as His spiritual children.

Worthy of Admiration is a venue where everyone is free to learn, grow, heal — and more importantly be made whole and complete from the inside out. Here, the light of God’s love, knowledge, truth and practical information will enlighten, inspire and transform lives and situations.

I think of Worthy of Admiration as the path for us to become whole, together, mending the broken and unbalanced areas of our lives and making them right. Here you can expect to find everything from personal and spiritual empowerment to a variety of health and wellness information for mind, body and spirit to an occasional recipe and cooking tips.

Our purpose is to inspire and empower all open hearts to a higher level of consciousness and admiration for God and self, and thus others. The fact that God not only created us, but created us in His image, tells me that as He is, we are also — worthy of admiration.

Therefore, it’s important for spirits, like ourselves, who reside in human bodies to understand the importance of having a proper and right perspective about ourselves, which impacts and offers context for everything we think, say and do. Within us is truly where heaven touches the earth. Inside our bodily temple is where our true self abides with, and in, the presence of God.

You are worthy of admiration. Begin to think it. Know it. Believe it. Embrace it and let us run with it together.

Note to all: Your comments and suggestions are welcomed. I only ask that we respect each others uniqueness and be kind. This site is not designed to harm others and such statements and comments will not be published for general consumption. Garbage in will not be garbage out.