Welcome to the Worthy of Admiration website where we hope to inspire, inform, educate and awaken your inner creativity to help you to create a life and mindset that loves you back wholly in mind, body and spirit.

However, creating a life that loves us back will require making choices and decisions that support our true selves.  It will require following our hearts, and making ourselves and pursuit of the things we love and are most passionate about a priority.

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The right way supports your true self. Choose with your heart.

What course will you chart for your life’s journey?  What kinds of things do you love doing and find fulfilling? What does peace, joy, happiness and success look and feel like for you? What kinds of things do you need in your life to feel centered?  What things and behaviors turn you off and are intolerable for you?

If you don’t know the answers to these and other questions, begin to envision what you want and dream of, and map your course. Take action that will move you closer to accomplishing your heart’s desires, because life is created. It doesn’t just happen.